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Check Before You Burn

The 10th Check Before You Burn season starts on Tuesday, November 1. No Burn days are called when weather conditions trap wood smoke near the ground. To protect public health, it is illegal to burn any solid fuel, including wood, pellets or manufactured logs when particulate matter pollution is forecast to be high. This applies to indoor or outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, firepits and chimineas.

Wood Burning Status - Today and Tomorrow
Today (Sun, Feb 26)
Tomorrow (Mon, Feb 27)
15 ug/m3 = 57 AQI   26 ug/m3 = 80 AQI
Legal to Burn
Burning Discouraged - Voluntary
It is your responsibility to Check Before You Burn. First time violations will result in a $50 fine or an option to complete and pass a Wood Smoke Awareness Training Exam. Fines increase for subsequent violations.
Tally - Number of Days in Each Category This Season
Updated daily at noon Historical burn forecasts
19 15 31 53
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