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Things to do > Take Action on a Spare The Air Day
Cut back on driving

When ozone pollution is high, cut back on your driving and cancel one car trip to help lower pollution.

Bring your lunch to work

This easy action reduces two trips, one to get to the restaurant and one to return to work.

Postpone errands until the Spare The Air alert is over

This action will reduce one or more round-trips and keep those car emissions out of our air when pollution is already high.

Link your errands into one big trip

This reduces pollution by minimizing cold starts. A cold engine that's been sitting for an hour or more pollutes up to five times more than a warm engine. You'll reduce pollution, save fuel and save time.

Take public transit for one or more trips

Plan now and check out transit schedules in your area so when it's a Spare The Air day you're prepared to use public transit.

Work from home

Working from home reduces two trips, one to get to work and one to return home. Plan now and get employer permission in advance.

Share a ride with a friend to social and recreational activities

Instead of meeting a friend at an event, pick them up and cut down on car trips.

Carpool to work

Share a ride to work on a Spare The Air day. Visit to find a carpool partner. And remember, carpooling just one day a week will improve our air quality all summer long.

Walk or ride a bike

Use your feet and legs for morning trips when ozone pollution is lowest.