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Air Alert Sign-Up

Air Alert is a free service notifying you via email or text message with the Sacramento region’s daily air quality forecast for ground-level ozone from May – October and for particulate matter from November – April. It’s easy to enroll and you can stop this service at any time. You can receive Air Alerts at several email addresses, but you must complete a subscription form for each one.

Air Alert provides:

  • Daily air quality forecast (check the Daily Air Quality Forecast box)
  • Spare The Air alerts for ozone pollution from May – October when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is expected to reach 127 or above
  • Particulate matter forecasts from November – April
  • Check Before You Burn daily forecast for Sacramento County only from November – February
  • Current conditions at monitoring sites in the region

Use Air Alert:

  • Notify family and friends when air pollution is on the rise
  • Decide when to drive less to help Spare The Air during the summer
  • Decide if children should participate in outdoor sporting activities
  • Know when wood burning in your fireplace or wood stove is prohibited in Sacramento County

Check out Frequently Asked Questions or call the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District at (916) 874-4800 or (800) 880-9025.