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Air Alert Sign-Up

Protect your health and the ones you :

  • Notify family and friends when air pollution is on the rise
  • Decide when to drive less to help Spare The Air during the summer
  • Decide if children should participate in outdoor sporting activities
  • Know when wood burning in your fireplace or wood stove is prohibited in Sacramento County

Air Alert is a free email with the Sacramento region's daily air quality forecast. You can get Air Alert at several email addresses, but you must complete a subscription form for each one.

Air Alert provides:

  • Daily air quality forecast (check the Daily Air Quality Forecast box)
    • Ground-level ozone pollution (May - October)
    • PM2.5 pollution (November - April)
  • Spare The Air alerts when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is expected to reach 126 or above
  • Current conditions at monitoring sites in the region
  • Wildfire smoke advisories, as necessary
  • Check Before You Burn daily forecast for Sacramento County only (November - February)

You can stop this service at any time.

Check out Frequently Asked Questions or call the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District at (916) 874-4800 or (800) 880-9025.