AQI Forecast by County
Thursday, January 20
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Do You Know Current Air Pollution Levels?
Check air quality conditions before you go outside. Smog increases throughout the day and it will be the highest in late-afternoon or early evening.

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A Spare The Air alert in the Sacramento region will be issued when the AQI for ground-level ozone pollution is forecast to reach 126 or above.

Sacramento Region PM2.5 Air Quality Forecast updated by noon
Today (Thu, Jan 20)
112 AQI - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Tomorrow (Fri, Jan 21)
38 AQI - Good

Yesterday's High Extended AQI Outlook
Wed, Jan 19
72 AQI - Moderate
Sat, Jan 22
Sun, Jan 23
Mon, Jan 24

Air Quality Forecast and Weather Discussion
Wednesday and Thursday, upper-level high pressure off the northern California coast will hinder atmospheric mixing. Furthermore, temperature inversions in the evening and overnight hours will trap pollutants at the surface. In addition, areas of morning fog on Thursday will enhance particle production, and calm to light winds throughout much of the period will limit dispersion. These conditions, combined with pollutant carryover from day to day, will lead to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups particle levels on both days. Friday, as an upper-level trough of low pressure passes east of the region, mixing will increase. At the surface, moderate and gusty north-northwesterly wind will develop, effectively dispersing pollutants. Thus, particle levels will be Good.