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Games and Activities
Welcome to our Games and Activities page. We've featured links to educational resources for teachers and students to learn about air pollution, its causes, and solutions.

Smog City shows kids how transportation choices, environment factors and land use affect air pollution levels.

The player controls weather, traffic conditions, industry growth, use of consumer products, and population. The results show children how pollution increases or decreases and how health is affected depending on their choices. The power to control pollution is in your hands!

Climate Kids

Climate Kids
This fun, game-filled site is produced by the Earth Science Communications Team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology.

AIRNow Site for Students

Are you breathing clean air?
Visit the US EPA's AIRNow site for students.

The Know Zone

Learn all about smog.
Go to the Know Zone!
Know Zone

Air Pollution: What's the Solution?

Air Pollution: What's the Solution?
Use real-time, on-line air quality data to discover the science behind the causes and effects of ground-level ozone. It's an educational project for students grades 6-12 that includes teacher resources.

Acid Rain Student's Site

Acid Rain Student's Site
This U.S. EPA site is designed to broadly teach students about acid rain, its cause and the various effects it has on humans, buildings and the environment.